About the SLDHA

The St. Lucia Diabetes & Hypertension Association (SLDHA) was conceptualized on August 9, 1983 and nationally launched in April, 1989. It was established to attend to the welfare of diabetic and hypertensive individuals in St. Lucia, as well as to provide service to the general public. The SLDHA has embarked on a constructive and intense outreach programme in all of the nine regions in St. Lucia in an effort to bring greater awareness of the plight of diabetes, utilizing the services of the medical professionals (doctors, nurses) and para-medical care givers at the hospitals and health centres. Activities are geared towards educating the public about the causes, prevention and control of diabetes, hoping to stem the escalating number of persons afflicted and affected by the disease. According to the Ministry of Health and agreed by health care professionals, diabetes is amongst the greatest health threats in St. Lucia.

The achievement of the goals of the SLDHA is challenged by changes in the environment and the need for new energy within the organization. Volunteerism, upon which the organization depends, is dwindling. Simultaneously, screening services intended for diabetics are increasingly being provided by retired medical professionals and newly established private care givers. These changes have begun to impact the ability of the organization to play the central role that it played in the past, while not always providing better or more cost-effective results for individuals. 

SLDHA Objectives 
  1. The mission of the Association is to raise awareness of the problems of diabetes and hypertension and to contribute to the prevention and eradication of diabetes and hypertension in St. Lucia. 
  2. The Association shall develop general awareness of diabetes and hypertension directly through community programming and broadly through multimedia and public events. 
  3. In its outreach the Association will specifically target groups of persons who are diabetic or hypertensive in addition to the general public. 

Organizational Structure 
The SLDHA is a nonprofit, non–political organization of voluntary members. Presently, the organization is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of the President, Vice President for the North, Vice President for the South, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and three floor members. The Executive Director manages the daily operations and serves as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. 

Population Served by Organization 
The SLDHA features a walk-in center located in Castries. Target groups include persons who are diabetic, hypertensive, and the general public. The organization addresses the needs of the wider public through outreach and education programmes geared toward raising awareness of the SLDHA and improving knowledge and awareness of diabetes and hypertension. This is part of ongoing efforts to reduce and prevent diabetes and hypertension. 

Management and Staffing 
The day-to-day affairs of the SLDHA are managed by the Executive Director, nurse, foot care manager, and office assistants. A volunteer base, consisting of medical personnel, dietitians, health educators and business professionals, can be called on to work with the organization in executing its programme of activities. Additionally, the SLDHA works closely with nurses and diabetic groups throughout the island, as well as in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Universal Health Care and the Medical and Dental Association, all of whom offer additional support SLDHA activities. 

The SLDHA receives an quarterly subvention from the Government of St. Lucia. It also receives donations from time to time from corporate partners and individual sponsors. Operations are primarily funded by the sale of services and products.
SLDHA Staff Members

From Left to Right
George Eugene - Executive Director
Elene St. Clair - Administrative Assistant
Marcia Neptire - Office Assistant
Vernet Amorsingh - Administrative Assistant
Noreen Goddard - Registered Nurse
Claudin Mathurin - Foot Care Manager

Executive Committee ('10-'12)

Back Row, Left to Right
David Hippolyte - Vice President, North
Myran Henry - Treasurer
Percival Combie - Floor Member
Dunstan Fontanelle - Public Relations Officer

ow, Left to Right
George Eugene - Executive Director
Philip Phillip - Vice President, South
Nathalie Charles - Secretary
Claudius Francis - Presidnet
Sharon Ephraim - Floor Member

Nor Captured
Aldith Isaac - Floor Member
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