Membership and Volunteering

The member body of the Association is composed of a community of diabetics and non-diabetics, hypertensive and non-hypertensive individuals who work together to promote sustainable, healthy living habits and an understanding of health issues in St. Lucia. Membership is divided into three groups:
  1. Individual Membership is for St. Lucian residents who wish to participate in general member programmes and activities.
  2. Affiliate Membership is for community groups in St. Lucia who are active in the promotion of awareness of diabetes and hypertension.
  3. Corporate Membership is for businesses partnering with the Association for programmes and/or events.

Who can be a member?
Anyone can become a member. You may be diabetic or hypertensive, or you may simply be interested in supporting the cause to prevent, educate, and eradicate diabetes and hypertension.  There is NO FEE for membership.  Simply fill out a membership form (see attachment below or visit the office) and return to a staff member.

Member Benefits
We strive to
develop a community of diabetics and non-diabetics, hypertensive and non-hypertensive individuals who work together to promote healthy living habits. 
  • Quarterly General Meetings update members on programmes and activities, and allow members to share their needs and opinions. 
  • Annual General Meetings feature major programmes, elections, and demonstrations. 
  • Individuals may participate through Community Groups to educate themselves and others regarding health risks and lifestyle changes. 
  • The SLDHA promotes education and awareness through its website and quarterly newsletters. 
  • Members receive discounted purchase rates for all items and services.

Member Responsibilities
Members are expected to actively participate in the organization, including: 
  • Attending general meetings 
  • Participating in community walks 
  • Assisting at screening events 
  • Promoting education in communities 

Many community-based Diabetes & Hypertension Groups exist throughout St. Lucia and partner with Health Centres. 
  • A representative from each affiliate group shall attend General Meetings and Annual General Meetings;
  • Each affiliate representative exercises one vote on behalf of the represented groups;
  • Affiliate groups from the north and affiliate groups from the south shall each be represented on the Executive Committee by a Vice President.

The SLDHA Affiliate Network links groups together in order to do the following: 
  1. To help one another to better understand diabetes and hypertension; 
  2. To empower community leaders and to identify the needs of persons suffering with diabetes and hypertension; 
  3. To support monthly meetings that foster support at the community level; 
  4. To help educate persons on preventative measures by encouraging them to test early and to avoid complications later; 
  5. To partner community leaders with nurses, doctors, dieticians, and other health care professionals; 
  6. To share resources and trainings amongst groups and to broaden the audience for all SLDHA programmes. 

To contact your local community group or register your own, please contact the SLDHA.

Corporate Membership
Many businesses and organizations support the mission of the SLDHA.  In the upcoming year, the SLDHA will have a corporate membership drive targeting current and potential supporters.  The structure has yet to be fully developed, but will maintain the following:
  • A delegate from each corporate partner shall attend General Meetings and Annual General Meetings;
  • Each corporate delegate shall exercise one vote on behalf of the represented groups.

If your group is interested in corporate membership, please contact the SLDHA.
Volunteer with the
The SLDHA depends on volunteers for outreach but lacks a deep pool of health care providers and educators. As membership increases, a specific focus will be to cull the talents and interests of members and apply it to outreach programs.

Assistance is always appreciated for planning and implementing events.  These include health fairs, walks, school-based events, and other public gatherings.  Most often these events are organized by communities and the SLDHA responds as needed.  Consequently, the organization maintains broad volunteer base of health care providers, educators, and general activities.  There are no baseline requirements to assist.

Staff members conduct all day-to-day operations at the Castries office and clinic.  As the SLDHA ventures into new programmes, assistance is needed on a more regular basis.

If you are interested in serving in an as-needed or regular capacity, please contact the SLDHA.  We would appreciate sitting down with you personally to discuss opportunities to help develop the organization.

Permanent Committees
Members are elected biannually to serve as Executive Committee Officers.  These individuals are charged with maintaining the mission the organization, while offering direction through annual work plans, long-term strategic plans, and designing policies and procedures.

A set of permanent committees are being constructed in order to further develop the scope of the organization and broaden its programmes:
  • Finances Committee
  • Juvenile and Youth Diabetes Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Outreach & Education Committee

Ad Hoc Committees
  • Diabetes Awareness Month Committee (Aug - Dec)
  • Policies & Procedures
If you are a member interested in volunteering your services to any of these committees, please contact the SLDHA.
St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association,
31 Aug 2010, 12:11
St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association,
31 Aug 2010, 12:11