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November is observed as Diabetes Awareness Month

posted 26 Oct 2010, 06:49 by St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association   [ updated 26 Oct 2010, 07:42 ]

November 1, 2010         Presidents' Address: The president will address the gravity of diabetes in St. Lucia via the TV and radio encouraging many to join in the fight against diabetes.

November 1-30, 2010    Radio & TV Programmes: Health care professionals, including dietitians, podiatrist, doctors diabetes educators and nurses, have been enlisted to participate
                                   in our programme this year. They will educate the nation on diabetes prevention and management while placing special emphasis on the far reaching effects of 
                                   uncontrolled diabetes.

November 7, 2010         Church Service: The Church service will be held at the Bethel Tabernacle Church at Sans Souci Castries at 10:30pm.

November 12, 2010       Healthy Meals: We hope to create an awareness of proper diet by providing samples of healthy meals to the general public at a reasonable cost.

November 12, 2010       School Based Activities: Every school on the island is encouraged to have a special half - one hour assembly centered on diabetes prevention and management.                                                         
                                   Schools may request to have a resource person from the Diabetes Association to make a presentation.

November 13, 2010       November 13 is observed as blue button Friday. Everyone is encourage to wear a blue button.      

November 13, 2010       Mini Health fair at Victoria Hospital.

November 14, 2010       November 14 is observed as World Diabetes Day 

November 14, 2010       Community Screening: This activity will be jointly organised by the nursing department. This year's screening will be focused on podiatry and kidneys.

November 14-30, 2010   World Diabetes Day Monument Challenge: Business Houses and Private Homes will be encouraged to decorate and light their facilities in blue. 
                                   The St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association and the Ministries Building at Waterfront Castries will be lighted up in blue.

November 28, 2010       The Wave's Fun Walk & Burn in collaboration with the St. Lucia Diabetes & Hypertension Association: The walk starts at 6am from Caribbean Cinemas to Pigeon Island.



Community Leader Training in Diabetic & Hypertensive Care

posted 30 Aug 2010, 08:58 by St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association   [ updated 1 Sep 2010, 09:36 ]

The Saturday, August 28 publication of The Voice highlighted the collaboration between the SLDHA and the International American University - College of Medicine (IAU-COM).  We partnered to train 40 individuals in diabetic and hypertensive care, all of whom sat through 40 class hours of instruction that provided a wealth of information on personal and public health.  These community leaders are committed to using their newly acquired tools as community educators.

To read more on the programme, follow thein The Voice.

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