Outreach & Education
The SLDHA participates in public health fairs, walks, presents at schools and in communities, and assists in community diabetic group activities. Staff and volunteers conduct screenings for blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and body mass index.

Community Leader Training in Diabetic & Hypertensive Care
The SLDHA partners with the International American University College of Medicine (IAU-COM) to train community leaders in basic diabetic and hypertensive care. The pilot programme partnered community leaders with health care providers (Jun-Aug 2010, 40 total participants). Both the SLDHA and IAU intend to repeat this training annually.

Poor foot health is a common complication of diabetes and in St. Lucia few are adequately trained to address foot care. Step-by-Step Phase I targeted nurses, doctors, and community health assistants in detection, assessment, and management of foot complications (July 2009). Phase II (July 2010) trained service providers on using reporting tools, identifying advanced foot impairment, and applying new treatments. Additional training may be developed to offer new treatment techniques and for data collection. 

Diabetes Awareness Month
World Diabetes Day is celebrated every November 14 to engage the entire world in the campaign to promote advocacy and awareness for diabetes. The SLDHA regularly hosts screenings, health walks, and both radio and television programmes to educate individuals and communities. The month is also used to promote fundraising for all SLDHA programmes. In 2008 the main activity was the lighting of the Government House, as well as other national monuments. In 2009 the Un-belly-vable gala was held, a formal fundraising dinner featuring an international belly-dancing team.

The Healthy Lifestyle
The SLDHA is partnering with Think Caribbean Television to produce The Healthy Lifestyle, a 26-week television programme that emphasizes the importance of balanced diets and active lives. The programme will follow twelve St. Lucian participants, guiding each through exercise routines, healthy diets, gardening projects, and general health practices. The pilot season will air 2010-2011. 

Radio-based Public Awareness 
Periodically the SLDHA participates in radio programmes to educate the public on health risks involved with diabetes and hypertension.  Currently, the SLDHA is processing with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, who are sponsoring a series of public education programmes that will be aired on three St. Lucian radio stations. The SLDHA will use its volunteer base to educate the public on diabetes and its complications (e.g. amputation, visual impairment) and hypertension. 

Sweet Talk
The SLDHA is partnering with DBS to develop a series public education broadcasts.  These will consist of three minute shorts, featuring our partnering doctors, nutritionists, health care providers, and educators.  Each short will be aired during DBS news broadcasts.

Diabetes & 
Hypertension Registry
No organization or governmental body has a current, accurate, and complete database for diabetes or hypertension in St. Lucia. Consequently, it is challenging to identify the greatest needs on island or to develop priorities. In March 2010, the SLDHA formally launched its registry with the assistance of local health care providers. The database incorporates demographic information with health profiles for individuals throughout the country and may be analyzed to identify chief causes, complications, and prevalence. Assistance is needed to develop the database, which will be broken into three phases: client base, community and corporate screenings, and a national survey/screening.

The Internship Programme began in February 2010 as a unique opportunity for students to gain experience in the fields of health, research, and 
community development. The programme offers students an opportunity opportunity to work first-hand in diabetes research and organizational operations. Future interns will be sought from the National Skills Development Centre.