Services and Sales

Walk-in Clinic
Individuals may come to our office 7:30a-2:30p for clinics.  Nurse Goddard is available without appointment.  We offer screening for blood sugar and blood pressure, and offer consultation as desired.  Please 
contact us with questions or simply walk in.  Because 
individuals have one-on-one interaction, the SLDHA is able to give very personal advice on how to better improve diet and exercise, as well as treating related complications.

Blood Sugar Test$7.00
HbA1c $40.00
Total Cholesterol Test$15.00
Lipid Profile Cholesterol Test$40.00
Blood Pressure Test$2.00
Body Mass Index $2.00
Body Fat %
Water Weight %
Urine Test$3.00

The SLDHA foot care clinic focuses primarily on the diabetic foot. Individuals must make an appointment, though we attempt to attend to urgent cases.  Home visits may be arranged by appointment. Clients are tested for neuropathy and circulatory problems, and other foot complications.  These are among of the most serious and costly complications of diabetes.  Early detection in these assessments is crucial in the effort to prevent or stop potential foot ulcers.  Lower extremity amputations are 
most often preceded by a foot ulcer in diabetics.

Foot Health Assessments include:
  1. A complete medical history of the client is taken including date of diagnosis and medication. 
  2. Every diabetic is encouraged to have their feet assessed at least once a year. 
  3. Meticulous care is taken to ensure that the neurological, vascular and venous status of both feet is documented, after being physically examined. 
  4. The Biomechanics of the foot is also assessed. 

Foot care examination and basic treatment includes: 
  1. Classification and staging of feet 
  2. Removal of fissures 
  3. Removal of corns 
  4. Callous removal 
  5. Nail trimmings
Nails Only$20.00
Hard Skin Only$20.00
(Circulation and Nerve)
Nails and Hard Skin) 
Home Visit$60.00+
Diabetic & Hypertensive Care Supplies
The SLDHA sells diabetic care products at reduced rates. These include blood pressure monitors, glucometers, test strips for several meters, lancets, lancing devices, and diabetic cookbooks. Efforts are being made to expand product variety, most notably to include a talking glucometer and insulin pumps.

Rate (EC$)
Blood Pressure Monitor$150.00
TrueRead Kit$100.00
Contour TS Kit$160.00
True Read Test Strips$2.00
Prestige Test Strips$2.00
Contour TS Test Strips$2.70
Lancing Device$5.00
Diabetic Cookbooks
1 for $10.00
2 for $15.00

Any office or organization - NGO, government office, small business, school, community organization - may contact the SLDHA for a variety of services.  Standard packages including testing for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and body mass index.  Additional services may be made available upon request, the most common being group and one-on-one nutrition counseling.

The SLDHA will travel to meet your organization.  The following services are available with corresponding rates.  Service packages will be customized to the needs of each group.

Blood Sugar Test$7.00
Total Cholesterol Test$15.00
Blood Pressure Test$2.00
Body Mass Index$2.00
Body Fat %
Water Weight %