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Welcome to the St. Lucia Diabetes & Hypertension Association (SLDHA)

Thank you for visiting the SLDHA website!  This is open for members and the public at large as a resource base.  We intend to maintain up to date information on programmes and activities, as well as educational material on diabetes, hypertension, and its its complications.  Please share your feedback by writing to

The St. Lucia Diabetes & Hypertension Association (SLDHA) is a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization of voluntary committee members. The organisation is governed by the Executive Committee and staffed by an Executive Director, nurse, and administrative support. The SLDHA features a walk-in-clinic in Castries proper, open Monday through Friday.

The vision of the SLDHA is to become the the focal institution contributing to the education, awareness, and eradication of diabetes and hypertension in St. Lucia.

Despite national interest at the forefront, the organisation’s reach is limited by physical location. Because the staff and clinic are in Castries, direct services are often limited to those with the ability to come into the Castries office. Health fairs, educational sessions, and other public outreach allow the SLDHA to reach more individuals but on an infrequent basis.


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